Monday, September 14, 2009

Nicola Moss Artist

This is the second in a series of posts about my peers. I must add that these posts are appearing in no particular order and irregular intervals.
Nicola Moss is a South East Queensland artist whose genres include painting, mixed media, print making, public art projects, photography and video. her work focus on the observation, documentation and interpretation of landscapes.
I met Nicola a couple of years ago through a mutual friend and we continued to see one another at arts networking events. As we came to know one another better we realised that while our work was very different we shared a lot of interests and ideas. This has resulted in collaboration on several projects.
Nicola is currently Artist in Residence at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. You can see more about the residency on Nicola's blog Layers of Life.
I love Nicola's work with is rich and layered surfaces and subtle observations of her surroundings and was delighted to write the catalogue essay for her recent solo exhibition Greenbelt at Doggett Street Studios. In addition to being an avid fan of Nicola's work I am also in awe of her professionalism.
Nicola has been invited to be part of the exhibition The Flower Show at Brenda May Gallery from 22nd September to 18 October 2009.

Nicola Moss. Pollen Drift. 2009. Acrylic and Pigmented Ink on Canvas. 600mm x 600mm.

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